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Episode 10 Ghost Biker Garage Shop Talk Live w/Dan Norvell

Episode 10 Ghost Biker Garage Shop Talk Live w/Dan Norvell

THURSDAY 3/25/21 9pm EST / 8pm CST Re-broadcast of Shop Talk LIVE from the Ghost Biker Garage. I would like to thank my guest, Dan Norvell from the The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project. I would also like to thank everyone that joined us in the Livestream chat with questions and comments. Dan has been involved in the paranormal since 1996. He has gained much knowledge in regards to paranormal activity; and is often called by his closest friends a true spiritual warrior. Dan considers himself a recovering Catholic; no longer practicing but uses his knowledge of his religion to bind unwanted malevolent spirits. He now runs The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project alongside his 12 year team member Larry Eissler. Throughout his involvement with the paranormal he has been featured on local radio stations, interviewed by numerous paranormal live stream broadcasts and podcasts, been a speaker at paranormal events and wrote several books both fiction and nonfiction to his credit. Dan continues to work actively in the paranormal using “out of the box” theory to make new discoveries and add to the known concepts of the paranormal. For more information on Dan Norvell: Facebook - YouTube - This will broadcast LIVE on the Ghost Biker Explorations Facebook page and then will re-broadcast on the GBE YouTube Channel directly after and on Mix TV on Saturday night.
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